תודה שיצרת איתנו קשר!

    Instructions for Sending Files

    Ecojet will be glad to perform a cutting project for you, quickly and easily, owing to a user friendly file uploading process. To begin the process we will need a vector based drawing. We can receive drawings in various formats such as DXF and DWG. If you do not have files in this format you can send us files with manual drawings and we will perform the necessary conversion. Vector graphics is graphics based on basic shapes such as points, lines, ellipses and arcs.

    The significant advantage of using vector graphics is that it enables us to change the image dimensions without impairing the quality of the drawing (also when expanding and contracting). When we want to print the drawing or display it on the screen the computer performs a process of rendering, which generates a bitmap from the vector graphic at the required resolution. Ecojet’s Customer Service Department is at your disposal with any question or request you may have regarding the file uploading process (click here for Ecojet contact details).