About Ecojet

Ecojet provides a wide range of waterjet cutting solutions to its customers. The company uses the most advanced equipment in the industry, including the Flow Mach 3 Dynamic XD model waterjet cutting machine. We are committed to a high standard of service and can meet tight schedules. Ecojet leads the waterjet industry in Israel owing to its comprehensive service package that combines innovative equipment and professional work. The company’s waterjet cutting capabilities include both 2D and 3D cutting (which enables achieving an angle of up to 60-degrees and eliminates the need for secondary CNC finishing). The company’s plant operates three shifts (24/7). Ecojet provides service throughout Israel, with waterjet cutting in the north, waterjet cutting in the center and waterjet cutting in the south. Ecojet has ISO 9001 2015 certification.
Ecojet’s services are provided for all industrial raw materials, including:
  • Sheet Metal – steel, armored steel, iron, corten, stainless steel, aluminum, aviation aluminum, titanium, bronze, Inconel, silver, nickel chrome, lead, Hastelloy, tungsten.
  • Stone – marble, ceramic, granite porcelain, Dekton, laminam, caesarstone, architectural cement, terrazzo.
  • Plastic – perspex, PVC, polycarbonate, Ertalyte, PETG, Delrin.
  • Glass – plexiglass, epoxy glass,
  • Composite materials
  • Palziv sponge rubber
  • Synthetic fibers – carbon, Kevlar
  • Wood

Our unique ability to waterjet cut a wide range of raw materials enables us to provide fast, quality, accurate, economical and professional service to numerous industries, offering all the advantages of waterjet cutting, particularly when compared to other cutting technologies.

Waterjet cutting performed by Ecojet is suitable for complex geometric shape projects, and does not damage the material surface. The cutting usually does not require secondary finishing. Moreover, this is an economical, green, environmentally friendly technology. The company provides waterjet cutting that is both accurate and economical.

Ecojet can provide its services to a wide range of industries, including aviation, medicine, defense, construction, architecture, signage, glass, high tech, electronics and plastic. Our customer service department is at your disposal throughout the process and accompanies your project from A to Z, from the initial planning stages up to supply of the finished product to your satisfaction.

Ecojet has ISO 9001 2015 certification.