Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a highly versatile cutting technology suitable for a wide range of projects. The technology is based on cutting by means of a thin stream of water that penetrates the material quickly and with high pressure, in order to perform a quick process of “erosion” at a specific point, resulting in full material cutting. A water stream, less than one millimeter in diameter, can even cut 150 mm thick hard rock as well as paper-thin and delicate glass. In practice, with waterjet cutting any raw material can be cut into complex shapes with maximum accuracy. Thin materials are usually cut only using a water stream (pure waterjet) while thick materials use a water stream with an abrasive, a type of sand combined with quartz (abrasive waterjet).

This technology has significant advantages compared to other cutting solutions. Some of the main advantages are:
  • icon Suitable for all raw materials
  • Waterjet cutting can cut all raw materials used in industry (both hard and soft raw materials). A waterjet stream can cut through raw materials, among them sheet metal, metals, marble, wood, soft materials, glass, composite materials, synthetic fibers, foam, rubber and plastic (for more information read here).

  • icon Cut raw materials in different thicknesses
  • Waterjet cutting is suitable for cutting 0.5 mm thin materials as well as 150 mm thick material and above.

  • icon Cold cutting
  • One of the most significant advantages of waterjet cutting is the fact that it is a cold technology. The cutting process does not require heating the area in order to cut the material, and therefore does not damage the original properties of the raw material. This fact makes waterjet cutting highly effective for soft materials, for materials sensitive to high temperatures and for materials in which a constituent component of the material may be damaged.

  • icon Environmentally friendly
  • Waterjet cutting is considered an environmentally friendly technology. Thus, it is a “green” solution that significantly reduces scrap, only uses water and is not accompanied by the emission of toxic gases. Moreover, the technology enables recycling of the water for reuse.

  • icon Economic and fast
  • Waterjet cutting is an economical and fast cutting solution which enables complex cutting of raw materials while generating minimal scrap and waste material. Accordingly, this is a fast solution that usually does not require secondary finishing and can be completed “in one setup”. Waterjet cutting is particularly narrow (0.9 mm) and therefore enables maximum use of the raw material owing to close nesting.

  • icon Accuracy
  • Waterjet cutting accuracy has a tolerance of ±0.2 mm. As such it offers an accurate solution suitable for any industrial need, as well as for industries that require uncompromising standards, such as aviation, medicine and security.

  • icon Different and complex geometric shapes
  • One of the significant advantages of waterjet cutting is the ability to cut varied and challenging complex geometric shapes. The technology enables cutting any material in every shape.

  • icon Cutting reflective materials
  • Waterjet cutting technology enables efficient and accurate work with reflective material such as copper and aluminum (compared to other cutting technologies).

  • icon User friendly and simple planning
  • Planning a waterjet cutting project is simple, convenient and easy to operate. For waterjet cutting you can directly use a CAD drawing and also turn every image file into a CAD file.