Waterjet cutting is an advanced technology that enables us at Ecojet to provide solutions to a wide range of industries. Our solutions are based on known waterjet cutting advantages (read here) as well as on the most advanced equipment in the world – the Flow Mach 3 Dynamic XD cutting machine (to learn about our machine read here). Waterjet cutting is suitable for all industrial raw materials, including hard and soft, thin and thick materials. Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process that does not expose the raw material to high temperatures and thus maintains its original properties. The cutting is highly accurate, with ±0.2 mm tolerance.

Ecojet provides its services to a wide range of industries, including:

• metal industries • defense industries • aviation industry, including aviation materials • automotive industries, including armored protection, gaskets and models • marble industry, including carpets and surfaces • architects and interior designers • artists • glass industry • signage industry • construction industry • rubber industry • kitchen industry • high tech industry, including electrical circuits • medical industry and companies specializing in manufacturing medical equipment • optical industry (including lens cutting) • machine manufacturing plants • casting plants and foundries (remove remnants and edges) • CNC shops that use water for rapid cutting close to the desired measurements • and more.